Our services

Connexion Carrière provides career and employment information services to unemployed and underemployed Francophone clients in Calgary.
All services are delivered with the client’s perspective in mind and are tailored for each client’s need.
The services provided are intended to further the on-going development of an individual’s career planning and employment search capabilities.


All the staff of Connexion Carrière are fully bilingual and clients have access to information resources, workshops and coaching services in French.
Given that the client is looking for work in the Calgary labour market, we also thrive to connect with local employers and organise regular activities such as bilingual job fairs, specific recruiting events, networking opportunities as well as job posting on our job boards.


Our services include: 


-          Computers and internet access
-          Printer, fax, telephone
-          Job boards (in-center and online)
-          Labour market information


-          Individualized career and employment counselling
-          Resume and cover letter
-          Interview practice
-          Job search strategies and assistance
-          Exposure course approval and IQAS assessment


-          Job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, Linked In orientation, interview basics (3 hours each)
-          Interview preparation (15 hours)
-          English classes: Employment Communication (daily, 09:00 to 12:00 English Advanced, 13:00 to 16:00 English Basics)

Are you looking for bilingual employees?


Nowadays, speaking French has become a strategic asset. Whether you try to develop your activities, increase your sales or just try to connect with French speaking customers, Connexion Carrière can help you.

Since June 2008, Connexion Carrière, employment service centre for francophone in Calgary, has been helping companies in finding suitable bilingual candidates for various positions.

How can we help you? 

We bring you face to face with potential employees. Our career centre provides up to date industry information, access to training, certification, resources and individual career coaching for our clients in both official languages.

The following no-charge services are available to your organization:

- Advertise your current employment opportunities. Send us your job postings by email at connexioncarriere@bowvalleycollege.ca, we will make sure to post it within 24 hours.

- We organize our Bilingual Job Fairs, twice a year (March and September usually). Those a great opportunities to meet candidates and promote your compagnie and opportunities.

- We can tailor events for you in our office, Hiring Fair or Information Session


All the services are provided at no cost. 


For more information, please contact us by email at connexioncarriere@bowvalley.ca or by phone (587) 390-6262.