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  • Date de clôture: Jan 15, 2018

National Occupational Standards Specialist

Offre d'emploi #1591

  • ECO Canada (Calgary)

Job Description

ECO Canada is seeking an individual looking for a significant career opportunity with ECO Canada. We create, maintain and use NOS (National Occupational Standards) for environmental employment. The ECO Canada NOS are unique within Canada. For a full report on the NOS Competencies, click here for English and here for French. The main NOS are used to certify close to 3,000 EP (Environmental Professional®) and EP(t) (Environmental Professional in training) workers. They form the backbone of 25 accredited Environmental Studies programs in 22 post-secondary university and colleges across Canada. They are building blocks to a large body of labour market research conducted by ECO Canada. They capture the ethical principles to which the important work conducted by the environmental workforce must adhere. A second set of supplementary NOS is used for BEAHR (Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources) training programs which are delivered to indigenous communities.

This position will play a key role in ensuring that the NOS evolve in line with developments in environmental practice in Canada, and that they are being used effectively by stakeholders.


Maintenance of existing NOS

  • Oversee pass/fail statistics on use of the NOS with EP® and EP(t) applicants
  • Identify and assemble other information sources on gaps in the NOS

Managing revisions to NOS

  • Developing and implementing planned review processes to identify needs for updating
  • Responding to ad hoc events which affect the NOS
  • Develop and manage research to update NOS when needed, which may involve fine-tuning using internal resources or major revisions managing subcontracts

Liaison with External Stakeholders who use the NOS

  • Becoming a point of contact with Post-Secondary program directors of accredited programs
  • Developing approaches to using NOS with HR industry professionals for their hiring and training purposes

Liaison with internal ECO stakeholders who use the NOS

  • Ensuring that linkages between LMI (Labour market Intelligence) research and the NOS are adequate
  • Developing approaches to keeping ECO Canada career profiles on the website consistent with updated NOS work.

Maintaining Documentation and Administrative Systems

  • Ensuring that all activities are documented sufficiently to support detailed government reporting and internal cross-departmental communications

Qualifications and Education

  • Candidates for the position should present academic credentials and at least 3 years work experience in positions related to labour classification and / or standards. The employment experience does not have to be specific to environmental employment, although that would be a bonus.
    • The position requires an individual with a unique combination of conceptual ability, verbal and numeracy skills. Working with NOS requires a high level of understanding of work components, the ability to combine the detail into big-picture patterns, and the ability to choose words to communicate accurately. The fact that ECO Canada uses the NOS to certify workers brings a new dimension to the requirements, namely: an aptitude for relating quantitative analysis to pass/fail standards.
    • ECO Canada is a national organization. Fluency in both official languages is not a requirement of the position but is a definite benefit.


This role is a full-time position, with a three-month probationary period upon start date. If you feel you are the perfect fit for the position and looking to join a company culture that is fun, flexible and defined by our collective drive for success, please apply now through our website. Applicants who do not include a cover letter will not be considered.

We thank all applicants; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.